SDSU College Farm: Why Not?

Any ideas on why in the world South Dakota State University, home of the state’s only College of Agriculture, does not have a student organic farm?

Anyone? Anyone?


About EMH

Forty-something. South Dakotan. Mother to 11-year-old K.L. Wife to Cory. Lutheran pastor. Novice organic gardener. Sustainable living aspirer.
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2 Responses to SDSU College Farm: Why Not?

  1. Perry Killion says:

    I believe the reason that SDSU does not have an organic farm is because the people who make those kinds of decisions for the school are totally invested in the AGRIBUSINESS model. That particular model is driven by Monsanto, Ceiba Geigy, Cargill (I may be forgetting some) and other obscenely powerful companines whose primary concern is their own bottom line in the short term rather than what is widely beneficial and sustainable for the planet and it’s creatures.

  2. Erin says:

    Perry, that’s the impression I got while attending SDSU. Of course, I wasn’t in the College of Ag&Bio myself, so I’d love to hear from some current students or faculty in that College who could shed some light on the matter from firsthand experience.

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