SDSU Faculty Researching Solar Energy

The Brookings Register reported recently on ten professors at South Dakota State University who are researching solar energy as part of the Center for Advanced Photovoltaics:

Other energy research works toward making existing energy sources safer for the environment, Ropp said. With photovoltaics, the energy source with the smallest footprint on the environment, research is looking to make solar energy able to provide efficient power for economic activity, he continued to say.

Making photovoltaic energy efficient enough to compete against other energy sources is the goal of Ropp and CAP researchers. To be an economically feasible energy form, photovoltaics must either become more efficient or cost less.

“The future is very bright,” Ropp said. “Odds that we see photovoltaics implemented are very good.”

Photovoltaic energy already has the upper hand over traditional power sources in some applications. The panels provide cost effective power to remote or sparsely populated areas efficiently because energy is harvested where it is used instead of transported to the area.

Read the entire article here.


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