SD Green Feature: Strawbale Winery

Grape vines aren’t the only green thing at Strawbale Winery in rural Renner, South Dakota. SW joined the growing list of South Dakota wineries a little over a year ago. While these wineries all make shopping for regional products a little easier, SW is the only one that can boast a sustainable building method: strawbale construction (as if you haven’t guessed that by now). For the second of my South Dakota Green Features, co-owner Don South graciously answered a few questions via e-mail.

Strawbale Winery
Photo courtesy Sara at Sew Wise with Sara

How did you first become interested in straw bale construction? Is your winery the first strawbale project you’ve built or participated in building? I have always been interested in using renewable resources, GREEN before green was cool, I guess. This was our first strawbale construction project, but we did visit a few in the area. The wide walls and rustic look appealed to us.

Could you describe a little about the construction process? We had a young contractor, who was up for something new. We purchased bales through a farmer, who could compact them and make them consistently the same size as best as could be expected. We gathered some friends and other people interested in building this unique structure and put the walls in ourselves. We used a chainsaw to square the bales up and hand stuffed any cracks. We also resewed bales with huge needles our contractor made. The wine tasting room also is post and beam construction with timbers from a wind fall of mature white pine trees in northern Minnesota. All went well except for the rain that ran down into one of the walls because they weren’t protected well enough.

In addition to the strawbale building, what other environmentally sustainable practices do you currently use or plan to implement for the winery? The counter tops are slate from an old schools blackboards. The winery itself is made of panels insulated with compacted straw. When we add on, we hope to continue using straw and reusing unique items.


A couple links with more information about SW:

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Forty-something. South Dakotan. Mother to 11-year-old K.L. Wife to Cory. Lutheran pastor. Novice organic gardener. Sustainable living aspirer.
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3 Responses to SD Green Feature: Strawbale Winery

  1. Eileen Bertsch says:

    Strawbale Winery has my favorite ever tasting room. The strawbale building and slate bar top are so unique. It’s just a cozy room. And, the wine is pretty good too.

  2. Steve White says:

    Sorry for the random comment on your blog. But you’ve been tagged from my blog. Yeah, it’s just some random internet meme, but I did link to Prairie Roots, so maybe you’ll pick up a few readers 🙂

  3. flyingtomato says:

    I can’t wait to visit Strawbale! They were at our local (Valiant) Vineyard’s wine festival in Vermillion last fall, and I was really impressed by their samples. Thanks for another great green feature!

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