Thin Light of Day

Thin Light of Day I’ve been hoping to post a weekly photo of the prairie life or landscape around here but have so far only managed a seasonal photo (here’s the autumn snapshot). I’m a big fan of great photography and like to think I can take a decent photo myself. I’d love to have a better camera but the family budget doesn’t allow for that right now, so for the time being, I’ll make due with the point-and-shoot digital I have.

Yesterday I was intrigued by the afternoon shadows from the shelter belt out by the compost bin and how they intersected with little creature prints in the snow (click on photo for larger version). These shadows remind me of the northern lights my husband and I saw a couple winters ago. We noticed the show starting up as we were heading to bed. We had a perfect view, since our bedroom window faces north and looks out across our unobscured acreage plus several acres of undeveloped GFP land and Lake Herman. For twenty minutes or so we were treated to a night sky full of aurora borealis. Despite my occasional moments of city-envy, there are some things that make living on the prairie completely worthwhile.

The title of this photo, by the way, is taken from Farley Mowat’s classic book People of the Deer.


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Forty-something. South Dakotan. Mother to 11-year-old K.L. Wife to Cory. Lutheran pastor. Novice organic gardener. Sustainable living aspirer.
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