Madison Coffee Shop Reopening as Coffee/Wine Bar

UPDATE:  Mochavino opens Saturday, March 20 at 100 S Egan Ave in Madison, SD.

I’ve been a big fan of third places since I stepped foot in my first coffeehouse about 17 years ago (the sadly defunct Your House for Coffee on East 10th in Sioux Falls) and around the same time got ahold of Ray Oldenburg’s book The Great Good Place at SDSU’s Briggs Library. More recently, Mike Knutson over at Reimagine Rural has written some great blog posts on third places. This one, in particular, is important reading for small town leaders. Wondering what a third place is? Go read Mike’s post now!

Last fall, when I saw the “Business for Sale” sign posted on the window of Madison’s own third place, I wasn’t happy. Fortunately, a young couple with local ties weren’t happy about Madison losing its coffee shop either.  Jenny and Shaun Bader are now hard at work transforming the former Common Grounds into Mochavino, a coffee and wine bar, that will open very soon.  Jenny graciously agreed to a recent email interview about the new place.  Here’s what she had to say:

First, can you tell us a little bit about you and your husband? Where did you grow up (you’re from Madison, right?) go to school, etc.

Yes I am from around here, I grew up in Ramona. After graduation I moved to Sioux Falls and  attended Stewarts School of Hairstyling and was a cosmetologist for five years. In the past few years I also created a direct selling jewelry company called Jenica Jewelry.  This business venture has been my full time job and I have been designing jewelry for about five years. Shaun is a Network Engineer and is originally from Aberdeen, SD.  He moved to Sioux Falls and attended SETI where he obtained his Network Administration and PC Support degree in 2000.  He has been working in his field of study ever since.  He is currently employed at the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists in St Paul, MN and also owns an IT Consulting Company called SB Net Techs.

How did you get the idea for Mochavino–combining coffee and wine in one shop?

Coffee and wine bars are common place in the Twin Cities and seem to be very popular amongst all age groups.  With this in mind, we thought it would be great to bring such a popular meeting place to the Madison area.

Do you have some favorite places that were models for Mochavino?

There are coffee and wine bars in the Twin Cities, but we are placing our own special twists and incorporating some youthful décor.  Shaun also brews his own beer and we are planning on serving our own brews and becoming Madison’s first microbrewery within the next year or so.

What changes will you be making to the shop (besides adding wine and changing the name)?

We added beer as well as wine. We also changed all sandwiches, added breakfast sandwiches, appetizers, and a small kids’ menu.

Do you plan to have live music?

We would love to.  We just need to find people who would be interested in doing acoustic sets, piano/keyboard, singing, or whatever comes along.  We are very open for suggestions and invite anyone interested to inquire within.

When do you plan to open? Will you have any special events to kick off your opening?

We are hoping to open just after the middle of March.  As for special events, we will have to wait and see…..  We have to keep some things a little bit suspenseful!

Were there things other than this business opportunity that drew you back to Madison?

We actually are not moving back at this time. We currently live in Burnsville, MN. We just hated to see the coffee shop leave Madison because we felt it was the type of business/meeting place this community needed.  Plus, keeping it open would help the economy by providing more jobs and another reason for people to go downtown.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We just want people to know that our vision and plan is to create an environment where people can come socialize and relax.  We want to provide an atmosphere that people will enjoy and talk about every time they visit and that they can’t wait to return to.  Good food, good drinks, and good company.


Jenny also told me she and Shaun would love to get feedback from people in the Madison area about you want to see in a coffee place. If you have comments and ideas, be sure to leave them here!

Photo credit:  Jen Kim – Flickr


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5 Responses to Madison Coffee Shop Reopening as Coffee/Wine Bar

  1. Matt Hendrickson says:

    I miss JoeHouse.

  2. Erin says:

    Me, too, Matt! So…what do you miss about it? What are some things about JoeHouse that you’d like to see at Mochavino? (For other readers, JoeHouse was a coffeehouse open for several years in Brookings, SD, during the ’90s.)

  3. eastofegan says:

    First, welcome to Madison, Mochavino!

    Very exciting, finally a place we can take friends & guests, and not have to suffer the lasting effects of ESPN over-exposure.

    Also, sounds like a cool place to hold one of our (Madison Area Arts Council) monthly Chautauqua Series programs in the future, what do you think?
    Also, might be a cool place to have some artwork displayed, maybe even something site-specific, any local artists want to get together and create a cooperative “Mochavino” piece or two for their walls, would the fine folks at “Mochavino” be interested in any of this?

    Chris Francis, Artist and President of the Madison Area Arts Council.

  4. Shaun Bader - Owner - Mochavino says:

    We would love to have any local artist stop by to discuss the opportunity of displaying their work. This is something Jenny and I talked about from the very beginning, we just haven’t had the time to see who would be interested in doing such a thing.

    We also want to extend an open invitation to anyone interested in doing acoustic sets, piano/keyboard, singing, etc.

    Anyone interested in any of the above please stop in and we’ll chat about it over a cup a joe.

  5. John Nelson says:

    Looking forward to my first visit today! Good luck with the venture, and thanks, Erin, for the info.

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