Raison d’Être


I have far too many Post-It Notes, bookmarks and scraps of paper scattered around my home. They contain various bits of information: the number of people one acre of land can feed, a couple good community garden websites, the title of a new book on strawbale building. It’s time I organized all of this, so I can actually find the information when I need it. Behold, the Prairie Roots blog.

On the surface, this blog is my online bulletin board, filing cabinet and garden journal. Deeper down, it’s all about roots: growing literal roots as I strive to become a sustainable food-growing expert (I’ve just started down that path) and metaphorical roots as my husband and I send our roots ever deeper into this place that, for one reason or another, we have chosen–although it might be more accurate to say that it chose us.

The content of Prairie Roots will focus on place and the land, specifically this place and this land—living on it, caring for it, digging into it, loving it—along with a bit of theology and philosophy about it thrown in. I’ll gradually gather all of my land stewardship-related paper scraps, articles, and bookmarks here (and maybe even a favorite recipe once in awhile). My hope is that the Prairie Roots blog will be a resource for like-minded people in this little corner of the world. Check back from time to time if you’re interested in gleaning from the information here. If you feel like it, send me your comments, questions and, of course, gardening advice.

(Originally blogged 11 March 2007)


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