Main Street

Why talk about Main Street development on a site about sustainability? “Sustainability means stewardship. There can be no sustainable development without a central role for downtowns and historic preservation” (Don Rypkema, Closing Plenary Speech, 2007 National Main Streets Conference, Seattle, WA).

Click on the links below for more thoughts on my local Main Street.

Prairie Roots’ Discussion of Downtown Revitalization, Madison, SD:

Mason’s: Plan B (3 August 2007)

Where All The Lights Should Be Bright:Part II (9 June 2007)

Where All The Lights Should Be Bright (21 May 2007)

Links & Resources

National Trust Main Street Center: Revitalizing Your Commercial District

The New Pioneers: Rural America, the Internet, and the Next Chapter in the American Dream–a book in progress by Eric John Abrahamson

Project for Public Spaces: Building Community, Creating Places, Using Common Sense


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