Norwegian Boulevard

What in the world is the Norwegian Boulevard, you ask? The locals around here collectively refer to the backroads between Madison and Brookings, SD (the area bordered by US14 on the north, US81 on the west, SD34 on the south, and Old US Hwy 77 on the east), as the Norwegian Boulevard in tongue-in-cheek honor of the ethnic heritage of the area’s white settlers of 100+ years ago. It’s a network of roads connecting a beautiful patchwork of farms, rolling hills, the occasional tiny town, and country cemeteries.

For Prairie Roots, the Norwegian Boulvard is the metaphorical country neighbor linked to my Main Street conversation. It’s the discussion of the revitalization of Main Streets necessarily expanded to include the revitalization of the entire rural community: town and countryside. So, here’s where I’ll list various links where folks are carrying on the conversation about rural issues.

Blog for Rural America

Daily Yonder

High Country News

Renewing the Countryside

The Rural Populist

Rural Policy Research Institute


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